Celestron 114mm Equatorial PowerSeeker Telescope
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Celestron 114mm Equatorial PowerSeeker Telescope

The power seeker 114eq telescope is a Great way to open up the Wonders of the universe to the aspiring astronomer! it is designed to give the first-time buyer a Great combination of quality, value, features, and power. Set up is quick and easy with no tools necessary. View the stars with slow motion controls for smooth tracking. Erect image optics are excellent for terrestrial and astronomical use. Fully coated glass optical components are covered with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity while the 3x Barlow lens triples the magnifying power of each eyepiece. An accessory tray is provided for easy storage of your accessories.

Aperture: 114mm; focal length: 900mm. Focal ratio: 7.89; focal length of eyepiece 1/2: 20mm/4mm. Magnification of eyepiece 1/2: 45x/225x; Barlow lens: 3x. Finder scope: 5x24; mount type: German equatorial. Highest/lowest useful magnification: 269x/16x; limiting stellar magnitude: 12.8. Affordable telescope for beginning astronomer; portable yet powerful. All-glass optical components with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brighness and clarity. Newtonian optical design with a 114mm aperture and 900mm focal length. Equatorial mount for tracking the sky. Includes 3x Barlow Lens (1.25), 20mm eyepiece, 4mm eyepiece, aluminum tripod with accessory tray

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